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2017 Tahqua Trail Run Results Available

Results for the 2017 Tahqua Trail Run are available on

Click here to go to SuperiorTiming

Registration Closed for Grand Island

Registration for all events, including the 50K, Marathon & Half Marathon, is now closed for the Grand Island via USFS permit. Runners have registered from 30 states, Ontario, Germany, Poland, Japan and Luxembourg. Registration for all other Great Lakes Endurance Events including the Taqua Trail Run, The Conserve School Trail Run and the Treetops Trifecta remain open.

Aid Station Updates for GLE Events

We have made some updates at our aid stations for all of our events. We are now serving Gnarly Hydrate Energy Drink. It is a clean, natural energy drink with an excellent electrolyte profile.
We are also serving Honey Stinger Energy Gels in a variety of flavors, some gels are caffeinated, too, so ask at the aid station if you would like a caffeinated gel. Hammer Nutrition Endurolytes (electrolyte tabs) are available at all aid stations and at the finish line. At some aid stations, usually the later aid stations in the race we will also be serving Honey Stinger Waffles and Organic Energy Chews. All of these products are of the highest quality and chosen to provide you with the best possible nutrition support on the course.

Waugoshance Trail Marathon 2017 Results Available Online

Results for the Waugoshance Trail Marathon 2017 are now available online through

Click here to go to to view results

New Pottery for Waugoshance Awards

Artist Thomas Baugnet of Munising, MIchigan has just completed the ceramic bowls that will be the awards for the Waugoshance Trail Marathon and Half Marathon. Registration is still open for the event.20170705waug